Our Wireless Services

Construction - Maintenance - Dismantling

Preventive Maintenance

Telcomserv is specializedin preventive maintenance of telecommunication sites. Preventive cleaning, testing and brushwood. Details

Corrective Maintenance

Telcomserv is specializedin Corrective and First line maintenance of telecommunication sites. Measurements, Trouble shooting, audits. Details

Site Construction

Telcomserv is specialized in Construction of full sites Indoor Sites, Outdoor Sites, Transmission Sites. Details

Cold - Hot Swaps and Site Moves

Telcomserv is specializedin Swaps including live swaps and moves. Measurements, Trouble shooting, audits. Details

Dismantling of Full Sites

Telcomserv is specialized in Dismantlings of Full sites. Removal complete sites , . Details

RF Interference localization

Telcomserv is specialized in Mobile RF Interferece localizaton. Mobile drivetesting to localize interference signals/b>. Details